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Pastor Robson DeOliveria
   Cypress & Rosenberg
Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Kind Words 
"Sue's 'Becoming Like Jesus' presentation on Emotional Intelligence during our worship service introduced a refreshing and powerful paradigm change for our church.

With the ease and love of an experienced and devoted master, in just thirty minutes, she took us on a journey of discovery and practical application that went well beyond theory or the mere recitation of ideas and Bible verses, bringing us alongside Jesus to help us see how He understood and managed His emotions in order to communicate effectively God's presence, to an audience of one or several thousands.

Every Christian should be on this journey. Every congregation should facilitate it pro-actively. Immensely thankful to Sue for being that wonderful catalyst!"
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Ongoing training & curriculum of biblically-based growth for you & your staff?
Assessments designed to show areas of both needs & strengths?
A program to build & disciple your team using Jesus as your model for leadership skills?

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