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In addition to being a Sales & Business Coach, Christina has owned a Sandler Sales Training Center, owned three Network In Action franchises, and worked in Sales Enablement
 for a large international tech company.

kind words about coaching with Sue

Christina Bell

During our coaching calls, Sue holds me accountable to the actions I committed to the previous week, reviews new challenges that have arisen, and helps me cut through to the root of any problems. We talk over potential solutions and I have come to highly value her insight and clarity on how my personality style and emotional intelligence have contributed to or complicated a situation. Sue has a way of helping her clients self-discover the truth behind a situation.
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Are you're wondering what I do?     Have you ever been coached?
And, just what is Emotional Intelligence, anyway?

Research shows people high in EQ have better relationships, better health, 
and a greater sense of well-being. They're more successful
and they live longer. Want any of that?

I offer a free 90-minute session to show what it's like to work with an EQ coach. 
Click the "Contact Me" button and we can schedule a time.
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