Safe Place

Sue Hurst

A poem

Pain descends upon me, pins me, immobilizes me as if a spear has driven through my body to the wall behind.

I fear it for I know it well. I know how it tears away the illusions I have carefully built about me.

Those wispy illusions that I have thickened with repetitions to become the bricks I use to make my safe place. A place where I cry loudly that I am strong and in control. 

But Pain does not respect my fortress, nor recognize my defenses. The darkness it brings alternates between a soft pulsating ache and a fatal wound.

Pain's sharp claws easily rip away the flesh on the guards I have placed around my heart. And, when my heart is exposed and bare, You whisper to me, Lord,

Sweet words, reminding me that I have already died and hidden my life with You.

Your peace weakens and cripples Pain's assault as You woo me back into Your arms,

For You are my true safe place. Your fortress never fails me.
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