About the Courses

These courses are not my complete listing. These are the public courses people choose when they are doing a self-study.

hen I work with individuals or groups, my curriculum is created as a private course for their specific learning path. Those courses aren't visible to the public. And your private coaching course won't be visible either. Whether you sign up with a group or for individual coaching, your private coaching course will be created specifically for you.


Kind words about working with Sue

What People Say

Toni Harris Taylor

Marketing Coach, Drastic steps,
NIA Northeast Houston
"...much more aware of who I am & how I relate to others & where I can improve so I can show more empathy, work towards my noble goal & just really help myself & my clients be successful." 

Vivian Lewis

My Picqasso, Project Smitten, Talented Artist
Sue uniquely helped us understand that the way we speak to each other starts with how we speak to ourselves. Sue coached us in identifying first, our emotional triggers, and using the tools we need...
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