Christina's Places: The Calling Journey

  • Learn Stages & Valleys by Biblical Examples

  • Graph Your Personal Calling Timeline

  • Understand Your Current Stage

  • Lean into God's Plan for Your Life

You're on an adventure with God--a journey to your life call. It's not a walk in the dark: the stages and transitions along the road are the same ones traveled by Moses, Joseph, and Paul.

The Calling Journey timeline charts your progress toward your purpose, helping you understand God's timing, know what to expect next and see how everything in life is preparing you for your destiny.
Meet the instructor

Sue Hurst

As a coach, I’ve been privileged to work with amazing people: ministry leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, creatives, and other coaches.

Before coaching, I was in ministry; before ministry, I owned a destination gift store. In each case, my goal has been to serve.

Coaching and courses are tools to bring my clients clarity to see their strengths, to release their blind spots. That brings joy and freedom. 

Patrick Jones - Course author

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