The SEI Leadership Assessment

Sue Hurst

The SEIP Assessment discussed in the previous blog was based on a 4-quadrant EQ model.

This Leadership Profile is based on a continuous and circular model.

The SEIP Leadership Assessment:

This Leadership Profile is based on a continuous and circular model that measures three categories of behavior: knowing yourself (blue section), choosing yourself (red section) and giving yourself (green section).

Within the blue section of Know Yourself the goal is to become more self-aware so you can clearly perceive what you feel and then do. There are two competencies that make up this section: Enhance Emotional Literacy and Recognize Patterns. They allow you to accurately gather information on your feelings and actions.

The red section of Choose Yourself is all about being more intentional, about deliberately choosing what action you want to take rather than passively living on autopilot and remaining stuck in a pattern. This section measures four skills which allow you to proactively or purposefully react to your life: Apply Consequential Thinking, Navigate Emotions, Engage Intrinsic Motivation, and Exercise Optimism.

In the green section called Give Yourself, the competencies are meant to enable you to purposefully do things. With these behaviors, Increase Empathy and Pursue Noble Goals, you can turn your ideas and dreams—the very heart of your mission—
into accomplishment so you’re able to lead with full and deliberate presence.

To summarize, when you Know Yourself, you can honestly acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. The Know Yourself section answers “what” questions:
• What are you doing?
• What do you want?
• What needs to change?

Choose Yourself prompts the “how” questions and helps you find those answers:
• How am I going to take action?
• How do I impact myself and others?
• How can I put concepts into operation?

Give Yourself carries the “why,” the actual motivation. Being fully grounded in these behaviors brings clarity and energy, allowing you to stay focused. This section brings insight into:
• Why you want or need to respond in a specific manner.
• Why you need to move in a different direction.
• Why others need to become involved.

Working on understanding your assessment results by yourself or with a coach can have a powerful impact on your ability to process, answer, and take action on your biggest life questions.

Toni is the owner of Network in Action Northeast Houston & Drastic Steps Marketing
Toni Harris Taylor
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"...much more aware of who I am & how I relate to others & where I can improve so I can show more empathy, work towards my noble goal & just really help myself & my clients be successful." 

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