The EQ Skill of Resilience

Sue Hurst

Being emotionally intelligent in resilience means having the ability to diligently persevere during setbacks.

In this article, my before and after videos help define the EQ skill of Resilience. Simply stated it's perseverance and diligence in the face of setbacks.

The “before” video on the left was taken about 8 months prior to the “after” video. Same garden—before and after a freaky arctic freeze. In preparing for and during the freeze, having the EQ skill of Personal Agility was needed to "adapt to changing conditions." That included knowing to stock up on water in case of frozen pipes, finding alternative heat sources when the power went out, etc.

However, Resilience is seen in people who have both the courage and the energy to bounce back from adversity, disappointments, and dramatic events such as devastating cold. They know how to cope in spite of setbacks, are willing and able to overcome obstacles.

It will take a large amount of Resilience to bring this garden back...
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