The Benefits of Using the Brain Talent Assessment

Sue Hurst

Managers, supervisors, teachers
& administrators can use 
the Brain Talent Assessment
to optimize strengths.

In this second part of the Brain Profile Assessment series, the focus is on understanding the benefits of the Brain Talent Assessment.

One thing I didn’t mention in the previous blog, is the ease with which the assessment can be taken. By following an online link, you can take the assessment at a time and place that is convenient. The questions usually take less than 20 minutes to answer. In general, most assessments are best taken fairly quickly and by going with your first impulse rather than lengthy speculation on your answer. I had a 10-year-old successfully complete the questionnaire in less than 12 minutes with results that were within the normal range for accuracy and validity.

An additional benefit is the ability to generate three different reports. The Brain Brief, the Brain Talent, and the SEI Emotional Intelligence evaluation are all created from your responses from the one assessment. So very efficient! 

In the Brain Talent Profile there are 18 talents that are measured; these talents are capabilities rather than behaviors. Your answers to the assessment questions reveal the order of your top six talents. Becoming aware and deliberately increasing your level of skill with these talents can also lead to an increase in your performance. Actually, with intentional focus, development, and use, all of the brain talents can be strengthened.

The Brain Talent Report can be used:
* To provide insight to teachers, administrators, supervisors, and managers to optimize the use of a person’s strengths.
*In team building, project planning, and management. Projects are more efficiently accomplished and work assignments are more effectively given when each person’s strengths are known.
*With hiring, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Each are more smoothly accomplished by using the Brain Talent Profile.
*In designing professional development and training. Knowing the team’s strengths will by default also reveal their weaknesses. This will help determine the focus needed in key areas.

Using the Brain Profiles gives you the advantage of facing life based on strengths.

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