The Brain Brief Profile EQ Assessment

Sue Hurst

The Brain Brief Profile EQ assessment reveals your particular style of focus, decision-making, and drive.

It Can Increase Your Self-Awareness & Your Relationship Awareness.

This is a 2-part series on Brain Profile Assessments.

This first post will focus on the Brain Brief with a future post discussing the Brain Talent Assessment.

The Brain Brief Profile is a snapshot of a person’s “current style for processing emotional and cognitive data.” How a person answers the assessment questions determines three things.

Focus: Whether they prefer data that is analytical or emotional

Decisions: Whether they tend to be protective or innovative

Drive: Whether they are usually motivated by the practical or the idealistic.

To illustrate your style of preference, the Brain Brief uses not only words to describe the eight different brain styles but it also employs an easily understood chart for those of us who are visual learners. If the answers a person gives reflect a brain style matching the Visionary (passionate, trans-formative, long-term) and their co-worker, daughter, or spouse scored as Scientist (accurate, careful, precise), the words help them realize they are different. However, to see them each charted is to see they are totally opposite in motivation and needs. And that realization can bring some much-needed understanding to the relationship.

Okay, so while all this information sounds wonderful, who cares?!Here are some practical uses of this Brain Brief Profile assessment:

When working with families, it’s really amazing to be able to tell each member what their strength and ultimately their role is within the family. It’s more than just encouraging, it’s also validating. This online assessment has been designed to be taken by children as young as seven years old. The Brain Brief delivers a powerful yet simple introduction to social and emotional intelligence.

The Brain Brief Assessment can ensure the team you’re building has all the components you need and want to accomplish your task. If your team were composed of 5 Visionaries and only 1 Deliverer, it would be very difficult to move forward. Knowing the brain style of each potential team member helps you avoid such stalemates and move more quickly to your goal.

Ultimately, the Brain Brief builds self-awareness which is the foundation of emotional intelligence. Someone who’s taken the Brain Brief has new information about themselves to pursue goals, hire employees, choose a career, understand their needs better, etc..

The benefits can be endless.
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