A Deliberate Presence

Sue Hurst

What does having a deliberate presence mean to you?

What possible connection could it have with emotional intelligence?

The older I get, the more I see a strong connection between people who choose to be deliberately present and the likelihood of them achieving things that have a powerful impact. When people are intentionally focused, they become more effective.

When I am deliberately present in my own life, I’m strongly self-aware. And that is the foundational skill of social and emotional intelligence. Self-awareness allows me to use other areas of EQ such as accurate self-assessment, realistic optimism, and stress-management. In addition, I have the ability to function with integrity because I know my values and can be true to them.

Being deliberately present in the lives of others allows me to recognize, understand, and share their feelings. I have empathy—and empathy is a cornerstone of EQ for relationships. Empathy increases my interpersonal effectiveness. I am a more influential leader and more skillful in managing conflict. When I deliberately increase trust, I also build teamwork. All of these EQ behaviors are necessary to bring about positive change.

So…what impact do you want to make in your life?

· If you’re a parent or teacher, then your desire for impact may be centered on the children in your care.
· Perhaps your focus is on your career or getting more education. Maybe you’re interested creating ways to fight poverty.

You’ll go further when you choose to be deliberately present no matter what currently occupies your dreams and desires. The story below demonstrates my previous statement. This man was focused on helping the area in which he lived.
I find this story absolutely amazing. But the truth is we all have incredible things we can accomplish whenever we are deliberately present.

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